My Synesthesia

Alright, so I decided to answer the three following questions, because I think that they are fun 🙂 You can answer them below, if you want!

1) What is your favorite type of synesthesia (that you have)?

My favorite type has to be my ticker-tape, although it does have its down sides. For example, what’s great about it is that it helps me remember more things than most people. But, when too many people talk, since I tend to rely on my synesthesia, now I have to listen more. Because, what I normally do, is that I let my synesthesia do the work… so I don’t always listen to what people are saying, I just ‘read’ what they are saying.

2) My least favorite type? 

Oh, that’s an easy one. Although it can sometimes be a bit useful, my mirror-emotion is NOT fun. Before I found out that it was synesthesia, I called it super-epic-empathy, but it can be really annoying, and as a child, it was really confusing to feel other people’s emotions and not be able to tell if they were mine or not. But now, I have learnt to kinda control it.

3) Which type do you wish you had?

I’d love to have either : smell to color, taste to color or sound to color. All of these sound great 🙂


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