What IS Synesthesia?

You may have stumbled upon the word synesthesia while doing God-knows-what, and even though you have searched and searched on the web to find an easily understandable definition, you simply couldn’t find one, because most of them have many technical terms, or sometimes it’s hard to imagine, especially for a non-synesthete.

I’ll try to explain it without sounding all sciencey.

Synesthesia is a pretty rare occurring; the synesthete will experience things that seem normal to them, but to non-synesthetes,  it may seem taken from a Marvel comic.  They experience a ‘cross-wire’ of senses. And that means that, for example, some synesthetes will hear a sound, and they’ll see a color (which is called sound to color synesthesia). There are many types of synesthesia, and we haven’t discovered every type yet!

Synesthesia can be associated or projected. Associated means that the synesthete experiences their synesthesia in their head, wherehas a projector feel as if they see it in the ‘real’ world.  Both are considered like synesthesia.

Now, if you’re here because somebody you know (a friend, family member, etc.) told you that they have synesthesia, if they are telling, it’s probably because they trust you and they are most likely NOT lying to you! More on to that on a later post, though.

Many synesthetes will experience many types of synesthesia. Some will only experience one, but if you know you have one, you can search others!

One thing I can’t say enough, is that synesthesia is unintentional and it always stays the same.

There are many types of synesthesia, here are a few (I will put a link as I post more details about them):


-Sound to color

-Sound to taste

-Emotion to color

-Ordinal-linguistic personification (OLP)

(these are just a few, as I said, but I will be posting a ‘complete’ list in the future!)


One thought on “What IS Synesthesia?

  1. I have synesthesia, I only found out about a few months ago. I think it is related to Aspergus Syndrome, because every time I you tube it, synesthesia is often linked to it!!! 🙂

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