Grapheme-Color Synesthesia

Definition :

So, this is the first type that I’m going to describe, since it’s the most common synesthesia type. Grapheme to color synesthesia is when the synesthete associated involuntarily and consistently a letter, number, word, etc. to a color. It can either be associated (seen in their mind) or projected (seen in the outside world). Since this is the most common type, it wouldn’t be surprising that someone you know has it. What is great about every type of synesthesia, is that everyone experiences it differently.

Experiences :

Best experience: Grapheme-color synesthesia, when I was little (like 3 or 4 years old) and that my parents were teaching me Maths, I remember just loving ‘my numbers’ (which had colors and personalities). So, I guess it developed my interest in Mathematics.

Worst experience: I’ve never had a bad experience with my grapheme-color synesthesia.

Examples: A is a pale beige, F is brown, 2 is yellow -Cath (a.k.a. Me)

Best experience: This type of synesthesia helps me spell. In fifth grade, we had charts in the classroom that showed how many times each of us had gotten a perfect score on a spelling test. I was the best speller in the class. Amazed, everyone gathered around my chart as I put another sticker on it. The class bully said, “I wouldn’t want to do good in spelling because then people think that you’re smart and stuff.” I knew that she cheated in spelling, so she really wanted to do good.

Worst experience: I thought one of my classmates was a synesthete because of the way he colored the letters on a poster. I asked him, “what color is A? Yellow or red?” Turns out he doesn’t know. Now he thinks I’m weird.

Examples: A is yellow, L is pink, 8 is orange. -Liz


Hello! (short introduction)

Hey everyone (synesthetes and non-synesthetes too!),

I am Cath, and as a synesthete, I decided to create a blog mainly dedicated to synesthesia-related stuff. I’ll talk about my experiences, and hopefully I’ll be able to feature other synesthetes, since I don’t have every type of synesthesia.

I am hoping that the synesthesia community will expand, and that we’ll be able to communicate and help each other.

(for example, if you’re looking for a group, here is the group on ExperienceProjet, there is a forum and a place to post story where you can just talk about your experiences or ask for advice, it is called ‘I Have Synesthesia‘ if you are wondering, my username is ccath17c!)